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Call 081 4747 333 Finding the right contractor to build, extend or renovate your property is not as easy as often presumed. It is easy to find any contractor, but one with a track record of quality workmanship, one who delivers quality and on time requires due diligence. It is critical to the success of your project. Handman provides you with such an option, easy, smart and quick.

We offer free inspection for industrial and commecial projects. Get in touch with us and we will assist you promptly, at affordable rates in Cape Town. You can request a freeĀ estimate.

Handyman Services

What we do

Our mission and mandate is to serve South Africa communities by making employers and households access Handymen services on demand, at affordable rates, from professional service providers.

Our members have proven record in their particular field and with the use of our Android App, employers can monitor project progress on their mobile phone.


Our contractors have the diverse skills in construction of commercial, residential and industrial properties.


We provide regular maintenance to appliances such as air conditioning system and fire extinguishers etc.

Appliance Repairs

We repair all types & models of home, commercial and industrial appliances and electrical equipment.

Installation & Supply

Where a client requires a project undertaken, we can install new fixtures and also supply material.


Some of the most requested Services

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Home and office disinfecting

plumbing services

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Bathrooms, Geysers, Drainage

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Kitchen bathroom partitions

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Are you a technician, a contractor or a general Handyman looking for your next project?